Temporary Insanity

I think I need to plead “temporary insanity”. Not only did I volunteer as a chaperone for Rian’s Gr. 8 year-end trip (3 days in our nation’s capital) but I think I just promised the kids a kitten for a graduating and passing gift. I think I’ve really gone off the deep end this time (Word Wednesday anyone?).

The volunteer piece came in to play several months ago. It’s tradition that the Gr. 8 classes go on a big trip in June; usually to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal or Quebec City. (When I was in Gr. 8 we went to Toronto for 2 days. We visited Canada’s Wonderland and some other cool places in TO. What was not cool was where we stayed for that one night – in the creepiest dorm rooms ever. I was supposed to have a room to myself but was so scared I ended up bunking with a friend; ok, I stole her bed and was a total blanket hog, but I was safe and that’s what really mattered! Sorry, Meg. My survival rates above your comfort; just so you know.) Rian’s class is going to Ottawa for 3 fun-filled days in the political hotbed of Canada (that’s right, we are going to be rubbing elbows with the elite of Canada…too bad I can’t remember who any of them are).

The itinerary is jam-packed and busy, busy, busy. Fortunately, my job as chaperone is one-on-one with Rian. I am not in charge of any her classmates (thank, God, not because they’re rotten kids, but I’m going to have my hands full with my girl). I’ve already talked to the school and let them know that we will be opting out of a few events (the Ghost & Gallows walk, for instance, which I think would be interesting but my daughter vetoed in seconds). We’re going to have a visit during one of these “free times” with Rian’s older sister, C. (she’s 25 & married), who is expecting and is due on July 7th (I’m going to be a grammie!!). Rian’s really looking forward to seeing her. It’s been at least 2 years since the sisters were together so it’s past due for a visit. I can’t wait to touch her belly and feel the baby kick.

It’s about an 8-hour drive from here to the nation’s capital; on a bus; with 30 or so young teens; and I’m not getting paid to be there. Yup, I’m insane.

We’re going to the Canadian War Museum, The Currency Museum, the Byward Market, the monuments around the capital, the monuments around Parliament Hill, the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Supreme Court of Canada (we have to go through a special security check before this tour – hope I pass) and the Rideau Centre. (they Byward Market houses many funky retailers like Funk Your Junk; they specialize in upcylcing). Don’t worry, I’ll have lots of pics and hopefully more than one fun story to share (maybe even one about me).

Here’s the weather forecast for Ottawa during our trip. I think I better pack an umbrella. photo from The Weather Network

My second bit of insanity came from a Facebook friend (curse you Crackbook). One of my Facebook friends fosters cats for Animal Aide; a local cat shelter. She and her family are currently hosting this little sweetie:

Isn’t he darling???

His name is Felix. She said he loves to cuddle and was sleeping on her chest while she was looking at Facebook. Really? Cuddly? Cute? Will sleep on you? How could I say no? I used to have a cat, Fidget, who would sleep on my chest and purr like mad. I loved that cat (ok, I love all my pets equally, just for different reasons). It was so soothing having him lie on me. Very calming and I miss it terribly.

Being the crazy wonderful parent that I am I showed the photo to my children. That started a whole chorus of “ooos and aaaahs” which harmonized with the one in my head. They asked if we could get him, after all, they both rationalized (I love how rational kids with MHIs can be when it’s for something they want, very tricksy), our cat Mitty, who is 3 years old, needs a playmate. Uh-huh. Mitty will be thrilled I’m sure. As will the dog.

I told them I’d think about it, but they were going to have to learn to keep the house much tidier. This kitten is very tiny (when we brought Mitty home he was 6 months old and half grown). Alexi’s room would look like a jungle to this little kitten – he could get lost in there for days!! I explained to them that such a tiny kitten could easily get hurt in a messy environment and I won’t bring a tiny, living being into our home if I don’t think he’ll be safe. They cleaned up the living room really quickly after that (very tricksy, mom).

My friend has offered to come over tomorrow and do a “Show & Tell” for me; when the kids are in school. I may be a softie but I’m not a complete idiot (a half-wit maybe).I certainly don’t want the kids actually snuggling with the kitten then I’d never hear the end of it!! I’m looking forward to it though. Snuggling with the little kitty. Cuddling and petting him. Mmmmmm, yes, I love kittens.

“I’m going to hug him and squeeze him and call him George.”




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3 Responses to Temporary Insanity

  1. barnyarn says:

    Oh you must totally get de shweet little kitteh (melting here).

  2. Wow, I think it sounds like a fun trip! And, as for the kitty, it’s way too hard to resist, I know! 🙂

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