Links to Resources

Links to Disorders

ADHD Canada or ADHD on Wikipedia

Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada

Asperger’s Syndrome on Wikipedia or Aspergers Society of Ontario

Autism on Wikipedia or Autism Canada

Baby Colic on Wikipedia

Bi-Polar Disorder at CMHA

Depression on Wikipedia or Depression Canada

Dissociative Identity Disorder on Wikipedia

Generalized Anxiety Disorder on Wikipedia or Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada

OCD on Wikipedia or Canadian Mental Health Association – OCD

PTSD or PTSD Association

Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada or Dr. McKinlay’s “Life a Twitch!” or CPRI’s Brake Shop

Links to Community Services (Local for Elgin County, St. Thomas, London)

CPRI – The Child and Parent Resource Institute

Community Living Elgin – local agency providing support to individuals who suffer from developmental disabilities and their families

OECYC – Oxford-Elgin  Child & Youth Centre


Links to Community Services (Province of Ontario)

BIg Brothers & Big Sisters of Canada

Children’s Mental Health Ontario or CMHO

Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health

PCMHParents for Children’s Mental Health

Respite Services for Ontario

Canadian Mental Health Resources

CMHA – Canadian Mental Health Association

eMental Health

Youth Net/Reseau Ado – is a bilingual regional mental health promotion and intervention program run by youth, for youth.

Suicide Prevention


Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (USA)

Awareness & Motivation

Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health

Dare to Dream Program

Mental Health Awareness Week

Music, Movement and Motivation – Saidat’s Music Movement and Motion programs teach students at Public and Catholic and Christian Schools how to build self-esteem while dealing with the issues of bullying, helping to enhance the message that teachers are giving to their students everyday: that they are part of the solution. “I would like each student to come away with what I call an Unforgettable Moment, a part in the show where they felt the message hit home for them.”

General Resources

Wow Dad! – a electronic book full of awesome, yet simple, ideas for dads (or moms) to help you “Be the wonderful, fun, smart parent you always knew you were“. This book was written by a co-worker of mine who is very positive, upbeat and has a fabulous, and contagious, outlook on life – Peter Atkinson. Wow Dad! is available at Amazon in electronic version for $2.99.


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