Day 21

“Your favourite song.”

These “favourite” selections are not my favourite to select. I love so many songs and so many different types of music it’s hard to narrow it down. I thought about it a lot – really went through my playlists and came up with Ol’ Blue Eyes.

My mom is not a big Sinatra fan, she says he always sounds off key to her. There are a number of his songs where I agree with her. He often does sound off key. Then again, maybe we just don’t appreciate his lounge-singer-type jazz.

The one song of his I adore is Fly Me to the Moon. I love the smooth rhythm and catchy lyrics. I love the big band sound. I love to sing along.

The other version of this song I love is from the movie Once Around. Danny Aiello sings it at his daughter’s wedding. Skip ahead to 2:25 to hear the song, it’s a much shorter version, but still well done.

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6 Responses to Day 21

  1. Okay, I love Sinatra, but I don’t think he’s all that good of a singer! LOL. I totally don’t understand why he was such a big deal (and I assume it has to do with the times) but I really enjoy his music, I love the big band – and Dean Martin 😉

  2. You are young to have Sinatra as your favorite. However, as they say he is a classic. I never got into his stuff. I do agree with you that it is hard to pick one favorite.

  3. Wonderful song, indeed. Sinatra is just “cool”. Like many of the “singers” today that get away with making records even if their actual voices aren’t the best. He had swag! XOXO

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