Day 5

Day 5 – “A song that is often stuck in your head.”

This one was easy!! The 59th Street Bridge Song is always running through my head.

It’s such a catchy tune. When the kids where toddlers, and running all over as toddlers (especially those with ADHD) are prone to do I would sing them this song – “slow down, you move too fast”.

Check out Did That Just Happen and see what Kate”s been listening to. And Melanie at melaniejmoore. And Cathie at fourcalders.


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13 Responses to Day 5

  1. Feelin’ groovy! That song is cute! And I can see how that would totally get stuck in your head! LOL.

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  3. Such a fun song. I have not heard this version, only Simon and Garfunkels version. I like this one!

  4. Isn’t that by S&G? Anyway, it’s a nice mellow song.

  5. fourcalders says:

    Oh yes, this song totally gets stuck in your head. I haven’t heard it in a long time. Cool! I have to admit I’ve only heard the S&G version myself, but know it well.

  6. Oh, wow, totally remember this song and love it! It’s totally appropriate for us all in today’s world. 😉

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