Easing Back In

Since I’m easing back into blogging after a short hiatus (see Happy Anniversary) I’ve decided to participate in a blogging challenge!

My friend, Kate, at Did That Just Happen posted a 25 Day Song Challenge. I think this will be a great way for me to get back into blogging. I also think it will help me start opening up again. If you want to join let me know so I can pass your blog along!


Elvis Sings For Children

Image courtesy of Google.ca.

Today is Day 01, a song that reminds you of your childhood. When I was a little girl we had an album (actual vinyl LP) called Elvis Sings to Children and Grown-Ups too. I don’t remember a lot about my childhood after the car accident (see Takin’ Care of Business, if you’re interested), but I do remember listening to this record with my mom.

I’m sure we sang along, we love to sing, and danced too – what’s a sing-a-long without dancing?The music was fun (it has a great version of “Old MacDonald” on it) and it’s Elvis. You can’t go wrong with Elvis (at least not according to Mike, he listens to Elvis Radio a lot, I mean, A LOT).

My favourite song was “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear”. The only reason I can think of is because my teddy bear, a gift for my very first Christmas, was my beloved toy. I still have it. I still sleep with it. When the kids were younger and they would get sick they would ask to sleep with “Special Bear” as he became known. I told them he’s special because he’s filled with over 30 years of mommy love. So even if I wasn’t right beside them they still had lots of mommy love to get them through.

So here’s Elvis with Teddy Bear.



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16 Responses to Easing Back In

  1. Sweet story behind this song. Nice post.

  2. I love Elvis!! Love, love, love! And I do love Teddy Bear, too, I was singing along to it just the other day – and again as I listened to it on your post! 🙂

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  4. How nice to hear an Elvis song, I haven’t heard one from him in so long. I also love the story behind the song. Nice to meet you via Kate and her challenge.

  5. A wonderful story and I think that is my ultimate favorite Elvis song!

  6. I love the blogging challenge, and I LOVE your choice of childhood songs. I, too, have an Elvis for kids album. It’s bright pink with a photo of Elvis in the center, and I played it over and over again when I was little, on my own record player that had flashing lights in the front! It was the most upbeat and fun album. Okay, now I’m going to have to play it for Maycee tonight (yep, still have a record player, albeit not the same one from childhood). XOXO-Kasey

    • Holly says:

      That’s so cool! Elvis brought a lot of people together through the years I bet. You’ll have to let me know what Maycee thinks of Elvis.

  7. fourcalders says:

    I love Elvis and this song. I so nearly picked an Elvis song because my mum listened to him all the time. Especially in the car on the way to school. Embarrassingly loud too!! 🙂 I liked him but still embarrassing being dropped off in front of the school with Elvis blaring out the window. :/ Great song and lovely story. I love that is special bear.
    PS. I have an Elvis song later in the challenge anyway.

    • Holly says:

      Thanks so much! It was so easy to be embarrassed back in the day wasn’t it? Now that I’m a mom, it takes a lot, A LOT, to embarrass me.
      I’m looking forward to hearing your Elvis song.

  8. He’s been dead for eons, but he still makes me go weak at the knees. Love Elvis!

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