Sunday Funnies

sunday funnies bannerI almost missed posting today. Mike and I were out looking at cars, his died, and we picked up a REAL Christmas tree on the way home. The kids and I have never had a real tree so this is a new experience for us (and for the cats). We got it up and got the lights on it. I’m hoping it’s still up in the  morning.


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7 Responses to Sunday Funnies

  1. Winding road says:

    haha! that’s funny. we let our daughter stay up a little later Saturday night to help decorate the tree and I had to keep telling her to spread them out. if it were up to her, they’d all just be in one little section while the rest of the tree was bare.

    • Holly says:

      Yup, they find a spot they like and that’s where ALL the decorations go! My son usually hangs decorations on the same side as the TV. Coincidence? I think not. lol

  2. The hardest thing I’ve taught T was to spread out the ornaments… now that we’ve conquered that I am trying to teach him how to fluff out the leaves on the artificial one!

  3. Ha, ha….hope the kitties leave it alone for ya! I’ve had some that just love knocking it over, and some that could care less. And, now that Maycee’s older we manage to get ornaments all over the tree, so it’s great! Real trees rock. Hope you are enjoying the smell and the beauty. Hugs! XOXO-Kasey

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