Graduation and Beyond

Since school is only a week away I thought it a good time to write about Alexi’s graduation from Grade 8, which happened back in June.

It was a good ceremony, a little long, but they usually are. The staff and parent committee went to a lot of trouble, even hiring a photographer ensuring that each child got a great shot of themselves getting their certificate.


Waiting his turn on stage.


He’s done it!
Also, I think he’s rocking the Sam Winchester look (see below).

I think both Alexi and I are relieved that  grade school is over. The last couple of years have been rough (I think mostly due to my illness) and high school will be a fresh start for Alexi.


Mike tells the story of how he only found his locker 3 times when he was in Grade 9, so I made sure Alexi knew where his was.
Image courtesy of

He will be joining Rian and has chosen to go to my old high school. We went on Wednesday and paid his student fees, found his locker and toured the school. Being there with me proved to be interesting for Alexi since I still remember my way around the school. I made him go to each of his classes and then back to his locker from each class. I really wanted to make sure he could find his locker. And open his lock. Every time (repetition is the key).

He did ok navigating the school but was a pro with his lock in no time. I’m sure he’ll get lost a few times, it is a rite of passage at high school. I’m sure he’ll have bad days and horrible teachers. I’m sure he’ll run into the jerks that roam the halls. But I’m also sure he’ll make new friends and learn new and interesting things. I’m sure he’ll have at least one teacher who he’ll never forget, for good reasons. And I’m sure he’ll grow and mature and I’ll start seeing the man who will always be my little boy.

And for those of you who don’t know who Sam Winchester is and have never watched Supernatural….see the hair cut?


Sam Winchester from Supernatural.
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9 Responses to Graduation and Beyond

  1. So awesome! How exciting and scary to be starting High School! He looks so handsome and he is totally rocking Sam’s look! And everyone should know who Sam is – but it’s good to keep spreading the word!

    • Holly says:

      Some days I think he’s looking forward to it, other days I think he’s terrified. Can’t blame him. I think that’s exactly how I felt too.

  2. He looks happy and smooth in the picture.
    I hope the transition high school goes as smoothly as possible and is a great experience.

  3. RJ Silva says:

    Congratulations to Alexi! I’m sure he’ll do just fine in high school. My oldest will be a sophomore this year and yes, we were all a little anxious before his freshman year but everything worked out alright as I’m sure it will for you and Alexi.

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