Dear People Who Do Not Have a Child with Disabilities

A friend sent me this one and I had to share it here. It’s very truthful and soul wrenching. Thank you, Adrienne of No Points for Style, for sharing this….

Dear People Who Do Not Have a Child With Disabilities…

By Adrienne, on August 12th, 2013

I have yet to meet a parent of a child with disabilities who hasn’t heard a whole lot of nonsense from people who never intended to speak nonsense.

I’m not speaking here of the jerks, the people who say things intended to be mean. Those people are heartless and lost and bummer for them because how sad, to live in a world that has so little kindness in it. I’m talking about ordinary people, the well-meaning man at the grocery store, the group of friendly acquaintances at church, and even the best friends who,…

Continue reading here, it’s worth it the read.


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5 Responses to Dear People Who Do Not Have a Child with Disabilities

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hi Holly,

    I’m Adrienne, writer of the blog No Points for Style. I’m very pleased that you found my recent post useful. However, it is standard practice, when sharing another blogger’s post, to quote a few key lines and then to link back to the original piece. To repost an entire article is plagiarism. Please change it.

    Thanks for your immediate attention!

  2. Winding road says:

    I’m really glad I read this. I do not ever want to cause pain to anyone with a child with disabilities. I think everyone should read this!

    • Holly says:

      I thought it was extremely well done. It’s often hard to know what to say, even for those of us in a similar situation. We fall back on platitudes that are often hurtful. Thanks for reading it and taking it to heart. You’re a sweetie.

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