The Madhouse Has Been Invaded

DJ, Belgian shepherd

DJ came visiting.
Image copyright HDMcNea

Yesterday Mike brought his dog over to meet our dog, Jake. We wanted to give the two dogs time to get to know one another before we combine houses (no idea when that’s going to happen, but that’s the plan).

The dogs got along just fine. Cliffie, the-not-so-little kitten, however was less than impressed. His tail pouffed out and he arched his back. He hissed at DJ as he followed him from room to room. Mike couldn’t get over the cat following the dog around and then freaking out when the dog came near him. It didn’t make sense, but I think if I try to figure out why Cliffie does what he does I’ll need a lot more therapy.

However, I think Jake and DJ (and Mike) will be just fine.


It’s all warm and fuzzy in the Madhouse.
Image copyright HDMcNea

However, just outside the back door it is not fine. An invasion of another kind is happening and this one isn’t warm or fuzzy. At first we thought it was coffee grounds right beside the compost bin, until we realized they were moving.


Too many ants.
Image copyright HDMcNea.

Check out the 11 second video I shot.


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14 Responses to The Madhouse Has Been Invaded

  1. My “lil” cat Boog (he’s 2) does the tough act and follows a dog when it’s in HIS territory. I think that’s why they do it, it’s a way to dominate and make the dog uncomfortable and hopefully leave. Kitty is just defending his own to someone strange big and new.

  2. I’m glad the dogs are getting along! That’s awesome! As for the ants… Yuck! I’m positive google has tons of tips, including I’m pretty sure the fact that they don’t like citrus, so grate the peel and sprinkle it around. As for me? I’d get the strongest chemicals available! My environmental responsibility ends where the bugs begin!

  3. Wow, that is a lot of ants! Good luck getting rid of those.
    It’s cool that the dogs got along. I’d say get rid of the cat. Just kidding (I’m not a cat person).

    • Holly says:

      We used Ant B Gone and it seems to have helped. I’m not actually sure if it’s available for purchase in Ontario anymore – we have new stricter laws about pesticides and insecticides, but it seems to have done the trick.
      We have three cats (I’m an animal person) so that’s just not an option. I’m sure it will all work out. The Madhouse may become the Animal House though. πŸ˜‰

  4. My Dad’s answer to the ants would be gasoline and a match. And before you ask, yes he did to do that.

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