Happy Canada Day!!


Canadians are, by nature, very quiet about our patriotism. It’s always there. A gentle hum vibrating from Newfoundland to British Columbia; from Pelee Island to Nunuvat. We allow ourselves that freedom to openly express our pride in our nationality only rarely – Canada Day, during the Olympics (especially when we host), whenever Team Canada plays (hockey, of course) and Remembrance Day (a much more dignified pride).

Interesting factoid – back in 1999 when the Northwest Territories was divided to create the territory of Nunuvat a contest was held to rename the Northwest Territories.Β  The name “Bob” came in third place. We are so weird.


The land in red, The Northwest Territories could have become the Territory of Bob.
Image courtesy of Google.com

Here are the Madhouse’s Top 10 Reason Why Being Canadian Rocks!

and a couple reasons why we’re just human

1. Government funded health care. Without this often controversial service none of us in the Madhouse would be able to get the counseling and psychiatric care we need. Also, my mom, who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, would not be walking – she’s had 8 joint replacements. Now, don’t ever think it’s “free” health care. We pay 30% income tax and (in Ontario) 13% sales tax, so we fund our own health care. The bonus is, I can walk into any hospital in my province and get the same help as anyone else. I don’t have to worry about the bills that will come after and I don’t hesitate (too much) about seeking medical help when it’s required.


Image courtesy of Google.ca.

2. The vast diversity of not only the landscape, but the people and cultures. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel throughout my beautiful country. I have driven through 8 out of the 10 provinces (I have yet to see the territories, but it’s on my Bucket List). I’ve seen the red dirt roads of PEI and the fields of sunflowers in Saskatchewan. I’ve walked on the Canadian shield and the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and I love every centimetre of this land.


This was the coolest image I could find depicting the diversity of Canadian landscapes.
Click the image to go to the site for more info.


Image courtesy of Google.ca.

3. Rian says we have snow and that makes Christmas awesome.

4. Alexi would like to contribute our love of bacon. Especially peameal bacon, also known as back bacon or Canadian Bacon. You know your country is full of bacon lovers when you have your own bacon.

5. Knowing when to use “eh” in a sentence. And yes, this is a point of pride for us.

Rick Mercer talks about annoying Canadian stereotypes on CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos.

6. We have ketchup chips.

ketchup chips

Image courtesy of Google.ca.
And yes, they really are yummy.

Interesting Factoid 2 – despite our love of hockey, Canada’s national sport is actually the Native game of Lacrosse.

7. The closest we’ve come to an assassination attempt on the leader of our country was a pie in his face.

8. We use words like “hyrdo” (electricity); “pop” (soda); “chocolate bar” (candy bar); “homo milk” (whole milk – not what you were thinking was it??); “zed” (the letter zee). For more Canadianisms click here.

It’s not all perfect being Canadian. We can often be too passive.


Special thanks to my friend, Kate at Did That Just Happen?, for sharing this with me via Pinterest.
Click the image to go to Kate’s blog. She’s hilarious.

9. Poutine. This rich and super-yummy French-Canadian dish is made with crisp French fries covered with cheese curds and smothered in a brown gravy. It’ll make your taste buds dance while it clogs your arteries.


Image courtesy of Google.ca.

10.Β  We have the Aero chocolate bar. Enough said. (see 11 Sweets You Can’t Get This Side of the Border, meaning the US)


Image courtesy of Google.ca.

And just because I can, here’s the crew from Whose Line is It Anyway doing Foreign Film Dub in Canadian (Drew Carey sounds like a drunk Swedish chef, makes me wonder what he’s been up to this side of the border).

Happy Canada Day, everyone!! Say it loud and say it proud –


Image courtesy of Google.ca.

And an early Happy Independence Day to my American friends.


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6 Responses to Happy Canada Day!!

  1. oh my goodness – you have ketchup chips?!?! That is so cool!!! And the Canadian Riot still just cracks me up!! Zed? Is that easier to say than Zee? And Poutine? I’m pretty sure that I have to try that some day… I can’t decide if it’s gross or brilliant!!

    Excellent post! Happy Canada Day!!

  2. Love this, my Canadian blogging buddy! And, since I’m no longer conversing with the Canadian dude I met on line, you are my SOLE source of Canadianisms. Gotta keep us informed, sista! XOXO-Kasey

    • Holly says:

      I’m sorry to hear your other Canadian connection has been disconnected. However, I am happy to fill the void πŸ™‚
      Big hugs!

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