Book Review – Tadias and the Pitbully Tree

My friend, Saidat (see My Friend – Saidat), has done it again. This multi-talented mother and business woman, who writes, records and performs her own music (and has energy to spare, if only I could bottle some of it) has written (and published) a book.


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The children’s book, entitled Tadias and the Pitbully Tree, teaches children three basic strategies to help deal with bullies – STOP, THINK and SPEAK. Through repetition and bright, colourful illustrations by Sarah Nickel, our young friend, Tadias, learns to believe in herself. With the help of friends and family Tadias is able to overcome her fear of the mean Pitbully Tree and finally makes it to I Like Me Street where she plays with her friends.

The writing (and message) is straight-forward and easy for young children to follow along; while the repetition invites children to engage with the story while it’s being read to them. It is a sweet story with a great lesson by a woman who has dedicated herself to help everyone “Rise Above the Trash” of bullying.


Excerpt from Tadias and the Pitbully Tree.
Image from Tadias and the Pitbully

About the Author


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From Tadias and the Pitbully Saidat Vandenberg is a singer, songwriter and motivational speaker who talks to students on a weekly basis about bullying and how to make a difference in the world. She believes that “One person can make a difference. Together we can change the world.” She lives with her beautiful family in London, Ontario.


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