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sunday funnies bannerIt’s a little scary to think that some kids will only experience nature through technology.

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19 Responses to Sunday Funnies

  1. Never? May be true for inner city kids.

  2. Every year (almost) we go to Mayfest, which is an arts festival held on the bank of a local river, but the TX Parks and Wildlife department always have a huge set up, and all of their booths are free, we shoot bb guns, do catch and release fishing and many more things – my niece and nephew have always enjoyed that because they don’t get to do those things on a regular basis. Fortunately, I love hunting and fishing and camping, so Mr. T is growing up doing all of those things. I feel good that he is getting those experiences and not just playing at the adventures on the computer and video games!

  3. Oh, this cartoon is too much! But, it makes a super huge point that for our kids to experience all the outdoors have to offer, we must actually show it to them. 🙂

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