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Mike got a new cell phone last week. He’s been rubbing it in my face all week.”Oh what was that? Oh, that’s my new phone. It can’t be your phone because your phone is too old.” (He’s such a geek.)

Of course, he’s having more fun teasing Rian with it…she doesn’t have a cell phone and wants one desperately. Being the mean teaching parent that I am, I told her she can have one when she can pay for it.



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13 Responses to Sunday Funnies

  1. Lol! That’s funny. Mr. T got a cell phone towards the end of elementary school cause he was old enough to walk home and stay for the 1/2 hour before I got home. My mom was nuts over it until I pointed out that we didn’t have a home phone anymore. So, I pay for T’s for safety reasons. But, I won’t pay for a smart phone for him! He has an old fashioned phone, too! So, see, I do have limits! šŸ™‚

    • Holly says:

      Good for you!! I still have a land line or they’d both have cell phones by now. I’m still rockin’ it old school lol.

      • I have heard that Canada is about 10 years behind. Okay, I didn’t hear it as much as see it on TV. I think it was How I Met Your Mother that noted the 80’s didn’t come to Canada until the 90’s. Naturally, I get all of my information from TV, so, really, you aren’t old school, you’re Canadian. šŸ™‚ (and Glee taught me that a cashmere scarf is the perfect gift for a gay man).

        And, uh, if that’s wrong to say… I don’t care – it’s pretty funny! Okay, it’s probably only funny cause I don’t live there…

      • Holly says:

        LOL, At least I don’t have a rotary phone on the wall!! That would be old school.

        And speaking of school a few highlights of Canadian achievement – Canadians invented IMAX, insulin, retractable handles on beer boxes (a bit stereotypical but it’s true), and a Canadian doctor did the first heart valve operation (I knew that one would impress you).

        So there ;P

      • Hahhahaha. Okay, you got me! I concede! šŸ™‚

  2. Like the comic.
    Some people are weird about their phones. To be honest, I have gotten way more into my phone that I thought or even wanted to.

  3. Oh, love the comic! I just “upgraded” to a Blackberry style phone, but only because my old phone completely died (after like 3 years of good, hard use). And, I am on a Go Phone plan, so, again, the only reason for the upgrade was because the phone choices were limited, and the standard phone was even more antiquated than the original phone I had. I love my new one, as I can at least text message easier and view my email. But, as for my kiddo-no phones for her until she is at the tween or teen stage. I know kids who have them as young at 6 years old! Yikes! XOXO-Kasey

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