Seemingly From Out of Nowhere: Childhood Anxiety Disorder

I have become great friends with Kasey at Single Working Mom. She and her beautiful daughter have been having a challenging couple of months, but there is light around the corner. Read about SWM’s experience mothering a child who is newly diagnosed with Childhood Anxiety Disorder.

Single Working Mom (SWM)

If you are a parent, particularly of school-aged children, then I hope you will read this very special post I’m writing today.  I’ve taken a three-week hiatus from writing while embarking on what may become a life-long journey for my 9-year-old learning to cope with Childhood Anxiety Disorder.

Easter 2013 002

Six weeks ago I had no idea what was happening, and I have a sneaky suspicion  there are hundreds of thousands of parents wearing my exact shoes.  Maycee has always thrived: emotionally, spiritually (yes, she loves God with all her heart), socially, and educationally.  She’s been the top reader in her class since kindergarten, reading at a 6th grade level currently, and she’s excelled in all subjects, including citizenship and participation.  She’s been the teacher’s aide and the first student to offer to help another classmate who might be experiencing trouble either academically or with his/her peers. She’s always LOVED school and the activities…

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