Sick and tired of ADHD news . . .

I have been following Jonathan’s blog, Attention Deficit Whatever for some time now and always enjoy his quirky and amusing entries. This entry is neither quirky nor amusing. It is, in fact, very honest and very relevant. Thanks, Jonathan, for allowing me to share it at the Madhouse.

Attention Deficit Whatever

. . . because so many people get it wrong.

Blogs are for complaining, so here goes.

Well-meaning people think that I want to be an ADHD advocate because I have it.  They have the idea that I would be waiting on pins and needles for any new news. Well I’m not.  In fact, I often dread it because all the old saws about ADHD resurface again.  I see ADHD ranking high on Google News and I sigh.

The news that ADHD diagnoses are on the rise is a non event.  It could mean so many things: more ADHD, better diagnosis, worse diagnosis, change in criteria for diagnosis, journalists misinterpreting scientific studies.

Morning Joe had their way with the story yesterday.  Joe Scarborough got going on his usual trope about overmedicated kids when that wasn’t even the news story. The panel discussion wound its way to prescription drug abuse and…

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4 Responses to Sick and tired of ADHD news . . .

  1. Read the article – thanks for the heads up.

  2. Thanks for the reblog, and for being a frequent reader!

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