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ramblingsI’m a little late posting today. The day kinda got away from me.


It’s midnight, Cinderella.

When the kids were younger and had friends sleep over I set The Cinderella Rule. This meant at midnight all screens were to be turned off. All snacking was to stop. Everyone was to settle down and tuck into their sleeping bags for rest time (yes, I really was that delusional, but as a parent, sometimes the state of delusion is a state of survival).

At one particular sleepover party which my son was hosting (I think he was 7 at the time) midnight came and went without the Cinderella rule being observed. I was not a happy mommy. I could hear the TV from my room. I could hear the munching and crunching of what I was sure were handfuls of potato chips.

I decided to give them a few minutes to make “the right decision”, but alas, they did not. At 12:15am I stormed into the living room.

“It’s past midnight!!” I spoke very sternly. “Turn that TV off. Turn off the Wii. And Alexi…” I started to tell him to the put the chips away, but instead told him, in a rather deflated tone, “When you’re finished with the broccoli please put it back in the fridge.”

Even at midnight, how can you tell a kid to not eat broccoli?



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5 Responses to Random Ramblings

  1. Are you serious? I would ask him if wants more stalks. Now, that is one odd diet for a child (even for an adult).

  2. hahahahaha – broccoli. That’s awesome! The Cinderella rule is a good idea – my only rule was “don’t wake me up”. LOL. I didn’t care at all as long as I got to sleep! Naturally, that one didn’t get me nominated for the Mother of the Year award! The worst one was when I got up and noticed the back door wasn’t shut all the way – and the kid was missing… I had to call his grandmother at like 1 am going “Uh, is he there?” She said he was, he’d gotten homesick (five apartment doors down) and gone home. My new rule after that was “if you leave, come tell me!!”

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