Report Cards

Report cards were set to come home on Friday, but due to the snow day they were pushed to Monday. Guess what happened yesterday? Buses were cancelled. Yup, 4-day-weekend for many kids. Not mine. I sent them anyway. Buses were cancelled, schools weren’t closed and we live in town. I grew up about 25km outside of town so if the buses didn’t run, which was rare, I didn’t go. But we live in town, so I sent them packing (very unhappily I’d like to add).

Yesterday Alexi came home bearing his report card. Rian did not have hers. When asked about her report card she answered, “They didn’t give them out.” That didn’t sound right. I reminded her she’s in high school and needs to start asking about things that don’t make sense. Sigh.

report2I digress. Alexi brought his report card home. His marks were all Bs and Cs. I was a little disappointed because I truly believe if he put forth the effort he could easily get As. Then I checked myself. I remembered he was failing math not too long ago and now has a solid B.

I reminded myself that his grades dropped drastically when I took ill and now they are back to where they were before that. That’s some serious progress. Alexi has really shown improvement in the last few months and I’m proud of him. Now I have to find that fine balance between being proud of his accomplishments and encouraging him to improve. Any suggestions that don’t involve bribery or a dungeon?



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12 Responses to Report Cards

  1. I have a feeling that I over pushed Mr. T about his grades, cause now he gets on the district’s on-line grade book to check his grades more often than I do… I’m currently working on not putting so much pressure on mine! But, how do I keep encouraging good grades without the pressure? It’s a conundrum! A circle! There is no solution!! There, I said it. I do positive reinforcement in plenty, and “I think you can do better here” sparingly. But again, there is no solution. Now, I will mess with your stats as I frequently check back to see the solutions from other parents. Cause, you know, there will be solutions. And I’ll sit here throwing my hands up stating “there is no solution!” 🙂

    • Holly says:

      No solution??? Nooooooooo!!! lol
      Hopefully I can find some kind of balance that works for him. If not, I may need to start eating treacle, just to keep my mouth from opening so often. 🙂

  2. I know this sounds simple but I would tell him how you feel. You are proud ane feel he is capable of even greater things. Don’t say but – that discounts what he has accomplished.

  3. Hi, Holly! I agree whole-heartedly with mmak above there. Encouragement can easily come with a sidenote that you bet he will be making A’s any time now since he’s doing so well! Good job, Alexi! XOXO-SWM

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