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Over the past month I’ve been really struggling with my own health (I started writing a more detailed post the other day, but couldn’t finish it, maybe next week). I tried medication which turned out to be a big mistake. I’m back to doing Neurofeedback therapy twice a week. According to the read-out the beta waves in my brain are very high.

From eHow.com

When an individual experiences a beta state, he is far from calm and relaxed; he may actually feel nervous, anxious, scared or excited. Despite this, beta wave states are considered healthy and normal brain activity for adults. When you are alert and engaged in mental activities, such as solving a problem, your brain generates beta waves. Beta waves operate on a frequency between 18 and 38 hertz, typically generated in the left hemisphere of the brain.

Mike helped me do a little research on how to reduce beta wave activity. Apparently all of the things that I would normally do to try to calm down, like puzzles, crosswords, word games, etc. actually increase beta wave functioning. Well, isn’t that counter-productive? (forgive my sarcasm, I haven’t slept for more than 3 hours at a time in over 3 weeks and I’m a little edgy)

Some of the recommendations include Yoga (I tried it, once, I have zero balance, but I’ll give it a go again), meditation (“achieve a quiet mind” – I remember I was having a scan on my brain once and the technician asked me to not think of anything, during the whole test I can remember thinking “how can you think of nothing? it’s impossible”), deep breathing exercises and listening to relaxing music.

Further research brought us to “Zen Relaxation”; music for meditation. We acquired some zen music as well as Celtic relaxation music and some nature sounds. Mike was generous enough to loan me his mp3 player (he was also kind enough to clear the heavy metal off of it…we both agreed that Metallica may not have the relaxing properties I’m currently in need of).

Last night at bedtime I plugged in the headphones in and drifted off to the soothing sounds of Zen music. At 2am I awoke feeling slightly anxious so I started the mp3 player again and feel back to sleep. A few hours later, after hours of listening to soft pipes blended with leaves rustling in the trees and the sweet tunes of song birds, I was jarred awake by the sound of a crow cawing. Perhaps some complete idiot   well-meaning individual felt that adding the ever-irritating sound of a cawing crow would somehow increase the soothing sensation of the Zen music.

Have you ever heard a crow? Soothing they are not. Don’t get me wrong, I like crows well enough, I just don’t want to hear them at 5am. I think my beta waves jumped off the charts for a few minutes this morning.


Ahh, yes, now I see it now….what a very calming effect the crow has….(insert eye rolling here).


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5 Responses to Random Ramblings

  1. What’s up with the crow? Well, at least it worked to lull you to sleep a couple of times. Next zen – icksnay on the crow.

  2. barnyarn says:

    Yeah, a crow? What were they thinking?

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