Headaches and Hormones

I am on day four of a miserable headache. I woke up in tears yesterday. From what I’ve been reading of my friends’ Facebook posts though, I’m not alone in my suffering. I’m pretty sure it’s a barometric-pressure thing. Of course, it could always be a holiday-stress-the-kids-are-driving-me-crazy thing.

Christmas is exactly one week away. Alexi’s birthday is on Thursday. Rian’s birthday is in three weeks (I did not plan it that way. Seriously, I go broke every winter). Hyper is the essence du jour.

Hyper, and in my daughter’s case, hormonal. Holy bite-my-head-off, Batman. This girl goes from “normal” (I use that term in the place of calm because I don’t think I’ve ever seen her “calm”, she tends to vibrate all the time) to freaking-out-on-everyone in under 2 seconds.

This gets me to thinking. I was 22 when Rian was born and she’ll be 15 in a few weeks (I know everyone out there is calculating…22…15…she’s 37). We are dealing with teen hormones in abundance (it’s like someone threw a match into a box of fireworks – you never know what’s going to go off next, but you may want to step aside because you can almost guarantee, no matter where you stand, you’re in the line of fire). And you know what I am most grateful for this Christmas? That I am not going through menopause while she’s going through teen angst because there would be blood shed.

Lock up the chainsaws and sharp implements. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.



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