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There’s a new addition to the Madhouse and it’s getting an awful lot of attention. Mike has “loaned” us his 53″, widescreen, high-definition Hitachi TV. It’s basically been in storage for the last couple of months while Mike is looking for permanent residence so he hauled it out and set it up at the Madhouse.

Our previous TV was a 27″, old-school, box that the kids’ dad and I bought before they were born. The on/off button on the TV had been pushed inside the box years ago; the volume buttons were no longer working; and you had to push the batteries up into the remote in order to get it to work. The kids have been begging for a new TV for years, but I was insistent that as long as it still had a picture we did not need to replace it. Then along came Mike (he has reached rock star status at the Madhouse).

Sunday we hooked up the BIG TV. The first time Mike turned it on Alexi had tears in his eyes. My boy was mesmerized. He’s so excited about the prospect of being able to play video games on it (Mike also brought out his PS3; we only have a Wii so Alexi is pretty pumped). Alexi now has twice the incentive to get his grades up.

Rian is just as taken with the gigantic screen as her brother. Neither of them can walk by it when it’s on. It doesn’t matter what show is on; they will both stop dead in their tracks, usually right in front of whoever is actually watching the TV, and stare like they’re hypnotized. It’s funny. Annoying, but funny.

I must admit I’m enjoying the new “tech” too. Mike brought an HDMI cable with the TV so I’m able to hook my laptop to the TV and do all my online work on a huge screen (ok, I confess, I’m not doing work, I’m streaming videos of my favourite TV shows).

My old, yet faithful TV. Mike calls it "hard to see".

My old, yet faithful TV. Mike calls it “hard to see”.


Only a slight difference…

I don’t think Mike realizes he may not regain custody of his TV once he’s found his new place.



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