I Hate You, Sandy

I know it’s a harsh opening, but it’s true. I hate Sandy. I hate her rages. I hate her wickedness. I hate her overbearing personality and bullying strength. Mostly though, I hate the effect she is having on the barometric pressure (just in case I’m still not making sense, I’m talking about Hurricane Sandy….nasty, little, headache-inducing nightmare).

I have now been six days without any prescribed medication (I’m still taking Melatonin at night to help me fall asleep, but I don’t count it since it’s an over-the-counter med). It’s been a roller coaster of moodiness here at the Madhouse (tickets for this amusement park are going fast…don’t miss out). Ask the kids. Ask Mike. Ask the dog (poor Jakie, he has no idea what’s going on).

I have been excessively weepy. I am also flying off the handle at any indiscretion (what do you mean it’s not time to catch the bus? did I ask when you leave for the bus? no, I said go get the bus…so go! now!) I’m exhausted, but I can’t sleep. My mind is spinning, but I can’t articulate anything that’s going on up there. And my head is pounding. I’ve been on the verge of tears a few times over the past couple of days because my head hurt so much. Even my face has been hurting.

It’s been almost a week since I stopped taking the amitriptyline so I was beginning to get cocky thinking the end was near; the pain would stop. Then I started to pay attention to the weather. After reading that Hurricane Sandy is “bringing strong rain, strong winds to Canadians” and “Ontario to get worst of Hurricane Sandy“I wanted to cry (Canadians usually spend a great deal of time talking and thinking about the weather, but I dropped the ball this time).  It was at this point I realized there’s no end in sight for the headaches. The barometric pressure is notorious for its profound and painful effects on headache sufferers.

Sarasota Neurology states “Hurricane Season is Headache Season”. I trust the Floridians to know their hurricanes in the same way I trust Canadians to know their snow. I’ve heard many people poo-poo the relation between barometric pressure and headaches. These are people who have obviously never experienced the excruciating pain of a barometric headache or migraine before (just to give an idea of my pain thresh hold, I’ve had my teeth drilled with minimal to no freezing because the freezing didn’t take and I didn’t think it was that bad).

So, Sandy, I hate you. With a passion. I hope you die very quickly.

I’m not quite sure what everything that’s happening in the picture means, but it doesn’t look good. I put a little black dot to show you where the Madhouse is – smack dab in the centre of it all.
image from Environment Canada


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2 Responses to I Hate You, Sandy

  1. Yes, I hope it goes away as soon as possible, Holly. For everyone’s sake! Hang in there! XOXO-SWM

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