Monday Madness

Monday thou art a cruel and heartless wretch.

Actually, this morning started off great. I was up at 6ish – in time to wake Rian for school. Today though, instead of going back to sleep I decided to stay up. I got some a laundry on the go after Rian showered and puttered around the house for a bit before waking up Alexi at 7.

It felt good to be accomplishing things that early in the day. By 9:30am though my head was starting to spin and the headache I had was steadily getting worse – it was naptime. When I woke up a few hours later I felt restless inside…mentally “off”…something wasn’t right. I was reading my email and feeling all weepy (trust me when I say there was no reason to feel weepy…my email consisted of nothing even remotely sad other than the usual spam I keep forgetting to filter). I had to remind myself that I’ve been been on zero anti-depressants for just over a week now and last night I stopped taking the amitriptyline, which I was taking to help with headaches. I think this may explain the excessive moodiness I’ve been experiencing…and that everyone has been subjected to lately (here’s a mass apology to everyone – SORRY for being impossible to live with lately).

When Rian arrived home just after 3, I was feeling a bit better.Unfortunately, she was not feeling very good at all. She had a rough day at school again. Some of her classmates chose to harass her (again) and when she stood up for herself she was reprimanded (she did exactly what I told her to do and told her harassers they were pathetic…apparently that did not go over so well…oops). I told her I’d call the teacher or to have her teacher call me. Although it may be best for everyone involved if I ask Rian’s counselor to intervene (with the way I’ve been feeling I’ll either be in tears for the entire meeting or crawl down the teacher’s throat – neither approach is beneficial although that latter one will make me feel better – at least temporarily).

We talked a bit and she was doing ok by the time her brother arrived home an hour later. They were both plugging away at some chores when someone came to the door. While I was chatting with our visitor there was a commotion behind me and I heard the distinct sound of flesh smacking flesh followed by tears – Rian had slapped Alexi across the face. I hung my head, said good-bye to our guest and went to intervene. By that time Rian had locked herself in her room and Alexi was sitting on the sofa holding his reddened cheek in his hand.

Turns out they were arguing over who would play on the Wii first. After we (mommy wasn’t overly happy either) all calmed down (that took about half an hour) I reminded them that the Wii may belong to them, but I decide who plays it and when. I reminded them that I am in charge of EVERYTHING in the Madhouse (the Madhouse is not a diplomatic nation). Rian apologized to her brother for hitting him. Alexi apologized to his sister for being bossy. They both apologized to me for their inappropriate behaviour.

Hopefully this will be the worst the week has to offer. Hopefully we got all the bad stuff out of the way and the rest of the week will be amazing. Hopefully. I’m going to keep hoping because somedays that’s all I have.

Hope…must keep hoping.


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4 Responses to Monday Madness

  1. A decent ending to a challenging day – hope it does continue.
    Why is your daughter getting in trouble when she is being harrassed? What happened to those who were doing the harrassing?

  2. Holly says:

    There’s a zero tolerance policy in the school board which means that no form of aggression is tolerated. Rian has a very short fuse and once it’s lit she goes off very quickly. All they need to do is whisper something to her and she starts yelling therefore she is seen as the problem because she’s being disruptive. The kids who were picking on her were spoken to by the teacher, as was my daughter. It’s been going on like this since JK.

  3. Oy ve! Some days are rougher than others, no doubt, but I love the way you handled it…telling the kids it’s YOU who makes the decisions and has the ultimate say. I have to remind Maycee of the exact same thing: who’s the mom and who’s the kid. Ha, and she gets really mad when I respond to her bossiness by saying “okay, Mom!”. That knocks her right out of it! 😉 I’m also glad to hear your kiddos apologized to each other and to you. Very nice…now…praying for a wonderful rest of the week! XOXO-SWM

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