Catching Up

You may remember, way back in July, when I wrote about creating a routine for the Madhouse. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been working on it, albeit very slowly.

In order to create stability one needs to start with a firm foundation. This applies to most, if not all, areas of life. Creating a stable foundation needed to happen before I felt I could successfully implement a routine in the Madhouse. It’s taken some time but the foundation is almost set. I’ve been maintaining the main living area; keeping it tidy and having the kids help by dusting and sweeping every couple of days. The kitchen is tidier and more organized. I washed the floors. I even moved the fridge and stove and washed behind there (I think there may have been a new life form reaching sentience behind the fridge, but we’ll never know for sure now).

Now that the main living area is under some semblance of control it’s time to move the focus onto the bedrooms. My room isn’t too bad, although it does end up as the dumping ground for all the stuff I don’t want company to see (baskets full of unfolded laundry, unfinished crafting projects, items the kids are grounded from…). Alexi has been slowly digging through the piles on his floor…you still can’t see the floor, but there’s only stuff about 2 inches deep now rather than 4 inches. Rian’s room is in transition – we’re rearranging some furniture so she has a bigger dresser that will better accommodate her clothes (her old dresser was great when she was wearing girls’ size small but now that she’s wearing ladies’ size small nothing fits in the drawers). We also need to weed through her clothes – pick out the stuff she has outgrown and get rid of it.

I’ve managed to keep the store room (aka – Alexi’s Man Cave) semi tidy – mostly because I

Do your kids know what this is?

don’t allow him in it any more. There’s still a great deal of stuff down there that needs to go…toys the kids have outgrown, books I’ve read and don’t need or books I’m never going to read, VHS tapes (yes, you read that correctly, we still have movies on video…we rock it old school at the Madhouse), a couple old TVs…the usual basement stuff. Rian was great and donated a bunch of her old toys to a friend of mine who teaches kindergarten. My friend was thrilled to get some new toys for her classroom. I tried to get Alexi in on the donate game, but he’s not ready yet. Although he did say the other day he wishes there was more room in the man cave…maybe he’ll be ready to purge soon.

Anyway, once the foundation is laid and has set I have high hopes for the Madhouse and its inhabitants. They always to set a goal…I’m not sure why, maybe it has something to do with actually completing a project instead of continually working on it …for decades. I do have a goal in mind – Christmas. I would like everything sorted, organized and  implemented by Christmas. I love Christmas and am looking forward to the prospect of a clean, organized home in which to spend the holidays. If the kids won’t deliver maybe Santa will.


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  1. Sounds great. Congrats on the progress.

  2. Sounds great. Congrats on.

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