New Sick Day Policy

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We did! A three-day weekend gave us time to scrub The Madhouse to prep for company yesterday. The Madhouse was full on Monday with 11 people squeezed into our living room to eat a scrumptious feast. We had turkey, stuffing, potatoes, ham, turnips, broccoli in cheese sauce, fresh veggies, rolls, pumpkin and apple pies, jello and a fabulous apple crisp (to my American readers – only a month and bit for yours).

This morning though it was back to the same old routines. Rian was up and ready for school without too many problems (although I did learn this afternoon that she didn’t pack herself a lunch). Alexi was claiming illness again. He complained of stomach pains so severe he couldn’t possibly attend school.

I argued with him. I physically dragged him out of his bed. I picked out his clothes. I insisted he get dressed. All to no avail. So I switched tactics. I told him he could stay home, but with no screens until after he had attended school. Whether that was the next day or the day after it made no difference to me. He agreed then asked if he could read. I said no, I told him he’d have to spend the day in his room. Then I had an epiphany – I remembered an old Family Circus cartoon where Mommy was sending Billy to his room and listing off the things Billy wasn’t allowed to have – toys, books, games. The list grew so long she opted to send him to her room. *DING* (I tried to find that comic, but to no avail…when I do, I’ll post it for you)

I told him he could lie down in my bed; under the conditions in which I rest during a migraine. No lights. Blinds drawn. No movement. No music. No talking. He laid there for about 20 minutes before saying, “Mom, I think I’d be better off going to school.”

And off he went. I was thrilled. So that’s the new Sick Day Policy – children can stay home from school due to illness under “migraine conditions”. I like it. It’s simplistic, direct and effective.

This is what I felt like doing this morning…it came close.


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4 Responses to New Sick Day Policy

  1. Glad it was a good holiday.
    Tough policy!

  2. First of all, I’m soooo hungry now! 😉 Second of all, I totally love your Sick Day policy. I actually use a similar policy for Maycee when I know she is not really sick but just wants to stay home…she must lay on the couch or on her bed, no playing allowed (TV bores her after awhile, so I’m blessed with that), no going outside, etc. If she’s not feeling well, then she’ll opt for school. If she’s truly sick, then she agrees with the terms no problem, and she usually is plopped on the couch the whole day…my tell-tale sign she truly needs the rest. Congrats on a successful strategy and a wonderful holiday, too! XOXO-SWM

    • Holly says:

      I knew Rian was genuinely sick the other day when she slept until noon and then fell asleep at 3…

      Thanks, Kasey. Looking forward to hearing about your thanksgiving next month!

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