Sunday Funnies


In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving (a side note for any American readers – Thanksgiving in Canada is held in October to reflect our earlier harvest, not just because we insist on being different) 

You can always count on Maxine for the best inappropriate humour around!! I love this one.


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I hope you're able to glean something from this blog, a nugget of wisdom, a new perspective, a smile or even a laugh. I enjoy getting feedback so please comment, share your story with me too. After all, we're here to help each other.
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4 Responses to Sunday Funnies

  1. Enjoy your holiday.
    Good comic.

  2. Totally hilarious! So, do you get a week off of school like the kids do here for our Thanksgiving later in November? Do you guys do the whole nine yards as far as turkey dinner, etc? Sometimes I forget that we are in different countries, Holly. 🙂 Maycee was all excited to read on her calendar that is was the Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday, ha, ha. She came out of her room after we got home from work/school and exclaimed, “Mom, did you know that Canada is celebrating Thanksgiving today?!” Of course, I saw it on my calendar, too, but wasn’t sure for the reason, and I thtought to myself how cool it is that I have a Canadian friend through this wonderful world of blogging. XOXO-SWM

    • Holly says:

      That’s great that Maycee recognized the notation on her calendar!! We only get a day off for Thanksgiving, just the Monday. Most families go all out with the meal (we did) – turkey, stuffing, potatoes, turnips, gravy, veggies, ham, apple pie, pumpkin pie….I’m still full!!

      It was a great holiday this year. I am so grateful for all my friends…near, far and through the world wide web.
      Big hugs, Holly

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