Sunday Funnies

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite childhood memories was racing to open the paper on Saturdays so I could be the first one to read the colour comics. I would giggle at Garfield, ponder The Far Side, empathize with Charlie Brown, and chuckle at Hagar the Horrible. One of my all-time favourites was Calvin and Hobbes; it still is. Now that I’m a parent to teens (Alexi will be 13 in December – crazy!!) I have a new found appreciation for Zits.

You may be wondering where this stroll down comic-strip lane is leading, well let me tell you. I subscribe to an online service that delivers funnies to my inbox, and have received many that I have shared on the Madhouse Facebook site (you can “like” by clicking the button on the right – right over there), but not all Madhouse readers to get share in the joke. So, in the great tradition of newspapers (I am a non-practicing journalist after all) I have decided to create a new weekly post for Sundays (since that’s when the colour funnies are delivered now apparently) appropriately called “Sunday Funnies”.

I will share comic strips, memes, humourous pictures or any other image that tickles my fancy. Each one will be something that resonates me with a different level as I navigate life in the Madhouse. I hope you enjoy the light-hearted humour as much as I do.

You ever get the feeling this is what happens when you talk to your kids? Me too.


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I hope you're able to glean something from this blog, a nugget of wisdom, a new perspective, a smile or even a laugh. I enjoy getting feedback so please comment, share your story with me too. After all, we're here to help each other.
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7 Responses to Sunday Funnies

  1. Funny. i am not ab ig comics person, but I’ve seen this strip before, and I like it.

  2. Too cute! I’m so happy God paces us into teenager-hood. Soooooo not ready for it! 😉 Oh, and I’m happy you will be posting the Funnies, as I, too, loved reading them in the paper when I was a kid. We only get a small local newspaper now on Fridays (it’s free), no Funnies included, so this is going to be a real treat! Thanks, Holly! XOXO-SWM

  3. Holly says:

    Glad to help bring some humour to your week. 😀

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