The Madhouse Has the Flu

I wrote this post about a month ago. I can’t remember why I didn’t post it at the time, but it’s still fitting today. This is why I need to implement some structure…

The poor Madhouse. I feel so bad for it. It has been so sick the last couple of weeks. It has thrown up all over the place!! There are books on all the flat surfaces. Baskets full of clean laundry are loitering in the living room while the dirty laundry is piling up in the bathroom closet. Blankets have been tossed on floors, couches and chairs. DVD cases and discs linger on the tables. Gaming cords have slithered out of drawers and are basking in the lamplight. Cereal boxes have been made their way out of the cupboard and are laying lethargically  about the counter. The TV remote has gone into hiding, I think in an attempt to avoid the germs that have infected the rest of the house.

It’s been terrible. I may have to quarantine the Madhouse soon in order to protect the rest of the neighbourhood from this terrible infection.

I think I better hit the dollar store and stock up.


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I hope you're able to glean something from this blog, a nugget of wisdom, a new perspective, a smile or even a laugh. I enjoy getting feedback so please comment, share your story with me too. After all, we're here to help each other.
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6 Responses to The Madhouse Has the Flu

  1. maiamajumder says:

    practical, pertinent advice! fantastic – really enjoyed it. I, too, will be making a trip to the dollar store sometime soon…

  2. good/far thinking tip!

  3. Ha, cute! I hope the Madhouse feels better really soon! XOXO-SWM

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