Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I was reprimanded by one of my readers for missing Word Wednesday last week (shame on me!!). I’m here to rectify this with today’s Word Wednesday selection – “gone off the deep end”.


Idiom “go off the deep end”:

a. to enter upon a course of action with heedless or irresponsible indifference to consequences.
b. to become emotionally overwrought.
“Gone off the deep end” – Doing something risky, almost crazy—like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool when you can’t swim.
Definition: To go too far with something; to do something crazy
Example:  1) My mom has always collected dolls, but I’m afraid she’s gone off the deep end — she buys 10 dolls a day on eBay!
Etymology: The deep water, which is at the ‘deep end’ of a pool, is dangerous. You can get lost in the deep end. This phrase refers to that danger, but in an emotional rather than physical sense.
Synonyms: lose one’s mind

From Urban Dictionary, user paydog23: 
“Going off the deep end” – To degenerate cognitively, to be in the process of having a mental breakdown, the process of going crazy

Jeff: I can’t believe what my pops says sometimes. It’s like he’s incapable of higher thought!Julian: Yeah, I’d say your pops is going off the deep end LOL!

PheroTalk offers this alternative origin:

Off the deep end – (originated in) US Navy….. broken machinery was often ditched by dropping it off the stern of the boat rather than haul it back to port… the explanation being that it broke loose of its moorings and fell “off the deep end”… that was a sort of officialese that everyone knew, wink wink, nobody along the chain of command wanted to deal with said hunk of junk….

I think the most interesting thing that I came across in my research today were the images. I googled “going off the deep end” and these images came up:

Stephen Harper; Prime Minister of Canada

US President Obama

Pop Icon, Britney Spears (I must admit when a young starlet starts acting out I say they’ve “Britney’d”)

Bubbles from TV’s Trailer Park Boys

Charlie Sheen, not really surprised by this one.


There was an eclectic selection of images including several other celebrities, members of royal families and images of Hitler as well as unknown people in straight jackets. Who knew so many people had gone off the deep end (with so much publicity)?

I think I can honestly say I’ve definitely gone off the deep end…more than once – Michael J. Fox, jelly shoes, The Muppets, Kiefer Sutherland, my ex-husband (I definitely Britney’d that time).


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One Response to Wednesday, June 27, 2012

  1. Oh, wow, this is hilarious…I mean the pics, that is…well, and the phrase, hee, hee. I’ve gone of the deep end myself, at times…like recently…I joined the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) for fall of 2012 at Maycee’s school. What on earth am I thinking? Ha! Thanks for the research, Holly. Hugs! XOXO-SWM

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