Stay-cation Summary

I told you about our Day Tripping  adventure on Saturday so I thought I’d tell you about the rest of our long weekend or Stay-cation.

Saturday (the remainder of) – Both kids had sleep-overs at their friends’ houses so I had a Saturday night to myself. So what did this crazy, single mom do? I wrote a blog, read a book, watched a little TV and went to sleep.  I know, I’m a wild one.

Sunday – My crazy, care-free Saturday night proved too much for me and I slept through my alarm so I missed church, again (I think that makes 5 weeks in a row now – oops). I communicated with the kids via their friends’ parents and decided to take them to see The Avengers. I arranged to pick up Alexi from his friend’s house and we were to meet the girls at the mall at 2:30pm. The movie was to start at 3:50pm so I wanted to give us lots of time to get tickets, seats, etc. I figured it would be packed.

I was wrong. About many things. We were 1/2 hour late to meet the girls. The show started at 3:15pm, not 3:50pm and, fortunately, it was not busy. We were able to get out favourite seats – middle of the very back row (we discovered this row has ample leg room and offers a view of the big screen that does not cause a crick in one’s neck). And we made it there in time to see the previews (I love the previews, although sometimes they play so many I forget what I went to the movies to see).

I also had to convince my son to stay through the whole movie. Alexi loves superheroes, but the build-up to of the story line, when the bad guy  thwarts the heroes’ every effort, causes him great stress and anxiety. He spent the first 3/4 of the movie tearing apart the little box his popcorn and drink had come in.

I felt bad for him, but didn’t want him to miss out on what I was sure would turn out to be a movie he’d love. I also didn’t want to pass up on this teachable moment. I explained, in hushed tones of course (we were in a movie theatre), that I knew it looked bad for The Avengers – nothing was going their way, Loki, the bad guy, was outsmarting them at every turn but I told him the best was yet to come – when The Avengers started trusting one another and they collaborated. I wanted him to see that good can triumph. With perseverance, patience and partnership the good guys would perform with passion and precision (that’s right, I’m rocking the p’s). When the Avengers came together to form the team and starting kicking Loki’s butt, Alexi really got into the movie and I was so proud that he toughed it out.

Loki or Thor…which one would you choose?

There were a couple of other interesting things that came from the movie (including tomorrow’s Word Wednesday). While watching the preview for this movie a couple of weeks ago Rian commented that one of the men was “really cute”. I assumed she meant Chris Hemsworth, sandy-haired, solidly built Australian, but no, she meant Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki. That’s right, my daughter had a crush on the ultimate bad boy – Loki the god of mischief, deceit and lies. Every parents’ nightmare all wrapped up in one. Fortunately, after watching the movie, Rian switched her affections to Hawkeye – a trained assassin. A step up? Not really sure.

Hawkeye – my daughter’s pick.

After the movie was over we stopped and rented Captain America: The First Avenger  so we could fill-in the back story that was continued in The Avengers. We also rented We Bought a Zoo, to wind the evening down with a little less bloodshed. I’ve adopted my new life creed from We Bought a Zoo (unfortunately I won’t be buying a zoo anytime soon, but maybe one day….Welcome to The Madhouse Zoo – Everyday’s An Adventure!):

“All you need is 20-seconds of insane courage
and I promise you something great will come out of it”

Holiday Monday – I applied this theory to our trip to the beach! My friend K., her husband E. and their two boys C. and J. (you may remember them from Saturday’s adventure) joined us on a trip to Port Bruce on the shores of Lake Erie, about a 35 minute drive for us. The sand was blisteringly hot and the water, well, it was not. The kids played in the sand and collected (more) rocks. They made a new friend, Ben, who played fetch with them (Ben was a big, black lab that didn’t seem to belong to anyone on the beach. He was super-friendly and played fetch for the entire afternoon). K., wisely, sat on the shore and read while E. ran around with the boys and ventured in the water a couple of times.

The water temperature was a balmy 14 degrees Celsius or 58 degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn’t that bad once you got used to it. Really. It wasn’t. Honest.

The water was chilly, so the kids decided not to swim. Alexi went out a little bit but was quickly back to basking in the sun on the shoreline. Rian went in as deep as her knees (while still wearing the New Balance runners I bought her last month) but refused to swim because “it was too cold”. I decided to apply my new philosophy and dug down deep for my 20-seconds of insane courage. Insane courage was right. It was *%$#*&^ freezing!! But I stayed in for an hour, paddling around, once I regained feeling in my limb (I must say, I felt strangely patriotic frolicking in the limb-numbing water).

On the opposite end of the temperature scale – I forgot sunblock. I had sunblock in our beach bag, I just didn’t remember to enforce its use. Nor did I use any myself. Rian and I, who have what I call “Irish colouring” – fair skin and dark hair – are both beet-red today. My son, who inherited his father’s colouring, was a little red last night, and is now a lovely bronze. I try not to be jealous of him. I’m almost succeeding. Almost.

So all-in-all, a very successful Stay-cation. The kids had a great time. It didn’t cost me a ton of money (the conservation authority was free; the kids had gift certificates for the movies; and I only splurged on pizza Sunday and ice cream Monday). I think the best thing about the weekend was that I was able to do everything with the kids. And that, my friends, was the best part of all.


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4 Responses to Stay-cation Summary

  1. Thanks for sharing about your fun and adventurous (in its own right) weekend. Did you know I quote that exact same line in an earlier post of mine titled, “Contemplating My Zoo”? I love the thought of only needing 20 seconds of bravery to make something happen, and I totally love that movie, too. I hope I can buy it one of these days-it needs to be on my shelf. Hope to see The Avengers soon, as well! And, with any luck, we will head to the beach on Monday if it’s not too chilly. Hugs! XOXO-SWM

    • Holly says:

      Great minds think alike!! And it’s true, it’s that first step into anything new that requires the most bravery, and only 20 seconds! You’ll enjoy the Avengers I think. The writing was incredible. Great one-liners!

  2. Holly says:

    I just went back and re-read your post “Contemplating My Zoo”. It was wonderful!! I hope 2012 is proving to be even more wonderful than last year.

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