I Love My Kids

i love my kids. I love my kids. ILove my kids. ILOVE my kids. ILOVEMY kids. ILOVEMYKIDS. ilovemykidsilovemykidsilovemykids.

A friend of mine and I used to call this our Monday Morning Mantra. “ilovemykidsilovemykidsilovemykids”. We often felt the need to remind ourselves that we loved our children so we wouldn’t kill them (note to any children’s professionals out there, we weren’t actually going to kill our children but we did have a new appreciation for species that eat their young). Monday mornings are always a challenge in the Madhouse. Monday mornings after holidays are worse. Holiday mornings, like yesterday, Good Friday, are a write-off.

This morning started out as a write-off. I woke around 10 am, with a pounding headache, to a knock at the front door. Rian answered it. In her pjs. Wrapped in a blanket. (I suppose she’s doing better than I used to do. I just answered the door in my pjs.) I heard a lady ask something about Easter weekend and Rian answer politely. (I had bets on it being the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Turns out it was the Mormons. Either way I won because Rian handled it very well.) I rolled back over and begged God to make my headache go away.

About an hour later I woke up to the sound of my mom clomping up the stairs. Because of my mother’s arthritis she needs to wear special shoes. All the time. Even in the house. The sound of her coming up the stairs is at times both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because she’s coming with baked goodies or to help with one thing or anther. And a curse because I know I’m going to have to do something about my excessively hyper son who has been bouncing off the walls since about 8 this morning.

I dragged my sorry self out of bed (believe me, I look awful today – pasty, pale and with dark circles under my eyes that would make a raccoon green with envy). I had the kids turn off the computer and the TV. This only took half an hour and then convinced them to eat and take their meds (I swear I didn’t threaten them once….I threatened them numerous times).

My son has taken to smashing things when he doesn’t get his own way. He takes my hammer (a Stanley framing hammer for all the guys out there) and bashes the crap out of various small items like empty dental floss containers and Happy Meal toys. I’m sure this behaviour would be frowned upon by his counselors, but I figure he’s taking out his frustrations out on garbage and not his sister so I let it slide.

Once they have finally consumed food and swallowed their meds (praise God for His gracing someone with the ability to create these beautiful little miracles in pill form) I set them to their morning chores . Rian needed to clean the dining room and the living room. This means everything gets put away, as in EVERYTHING (I love it when she tell me she’s done but there is still stuff all over the place but since it’s not “hers” she “shouldn’t have to clean it up”) and sweeping up all the dog fur (I love my dog but he sheds non-stop. If anyone has a use for extra dog fur, let me know, I’ll send it to you by the bucket full. Free of charge.) Alexi was on poo duty so he headed outside with bucket and shovel to clean up a winter’s worth of dog excrement. Lucky boy.

It’s now 12:30pm and they have both declared their chores completed. I will check later. After a nap. My head still hurts and my bed is very comfy.

ps –  Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you enjoy this very holy weekend. If you’re not into the holy aspect of it, I hope you enjoy baskets full of chocolate and little jelly beans that the Easter Bunny pooped out just for you.



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I hope you're able to glean something from this blog, a nugget of wisdom, a new perspective, a smile or even a laugh. I enjoy getting feedback so please comment, share your story with me too. After all, we're here to help each other.
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4 Responses to I Love My Kids

  1. barnyarn says:

    I’m totally in to the holy aspect, and the Easter bunny droppings. I love having the best of both worlds!

  2. Hi, Holly! I hope you had an enjoyable Easter and felt better! Oh, I can’t stand it when Maycee says, “I didn’t make that mess, why do I have to clean it up?” (usually referring to a mess she and her best friend made together). I tell her, “Because it’s nice to do something helpful regardless if it’s yours or not.” Sometimes it works, other times I still get the gripes. My Easter sunrise service was beautiful, but I didn’t attend the bigger service as it’s just not the same without my kiddo around (she was at her dad’s). Hugs! XOXO

  3. Holly says:

    I usually turn to my kids (they’re that much older) “Did I dirty your underwear? No, but I wash it for you. So get to work.” You’re much nicer than I am, lol.
    Easter was good. The Easter Bunny left me a 1lb or 410g chocolate bunny so I was very happy! And church was lovely. Glad you enjoyed the sunrise service, I’m sorry Maycee wasn’t with you. That’s one thing I have to admit I like about the “absent father” thing – I don’t have to share my holidays. (Gotta find that silver lining.) Big hugs back at you!!

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