Wednesday, February 8

When I stated last Wednesday that I would share more expressions that were similar to “not playing with a full deck” I had no idea what I was getting myself into!! There are hundreds of these expressions out there. I’ve chosen some of my favourites to share with you.

  • A few clowns short of a circus.
  • Car’s only got three wheels, and one’s going flat.
  • Cursor’s flashing but there’s no response.
  • Five bullets in his six-shooter.
  • Gavel doesn’t quite hit the bench.
  • One bead short in her rosary.
  • One blade short of a sharp edge.
  • One Brady short of a Bunch.
  • One car short of a chase scene.
  • One chapter short of a novel.
  • One chicken short of a henhouse.
  • One clue short of a solution.
  • One crayon short of a full box.
  • One doughnut short of being a cop.
  • One drool bib short of neat and tidy.
  • One drop short of an empty bladder.
  • One french fry/hamburger short of a Happy Meal.
  • One Fruit Loop shy of a full bowl.
  • One key short of a piano.
  • One orc short of a war party. (role-playing games)
  • One pearl short of a necklace.
  • One pie short of a holiday.
  • One prayer short of absolution.
  • One screw shy of a final assembly.
  • One shade short of a rainbow.
  • One shingle short of a roof, and the water’s getting in.
  • One snowflake short of a ski slope.
  • One sock short of a pair.
  • One too many lights out in his Christmas tree.
  • One too many rides on the Zipper.
  • The light’s on but no one’s at home.
  • Working short a tool or two.

I found it most interesting that most of the expressions I came across in reference to mental health could be interchanged to express a person’s lack of intelligence/common sense. I wonder if that means that the average person believes people with MHIs are less intelligent than “normal” people? If so, it’s a gross misconception by the general public.  Another interesting point to note is that most of these expressions originated in North America. Not quite sure what that says about our culture.

Despite the fact that these expressions are quite derogatory and obviously very small-minded in the view of mental health, they do show a splash of creativity. And I must admit, I find some of them rather humourous, especially those cited below. boldly go where no one has gone before...

Please note: I found several sources for these expressions but was by far the most comprehensive.




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4 Responses to Wednesday, February 8

  1. One republic short of an empire. Describes me perfectly.

  2. Holly says:

    You’re not the only one!! 😛
    Thanks for taking the time to comment!!

  3. Ha, I think that “One fruit loop shy of a full bowl” is my fav…oh…and it makes me want to buy a box of Fruit Loops! Awesome list, Holly. I so look forward to my Wednesday’s now. 😉

  4. Holly says:

    Thanks, Kasey!! Your encouragement is wonderful! Without it I think I may have given up on Word Wednesday. Oh, I just bought a Family-Sized box of Froot Loops yesterday 😉

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