Superbowl of Nuts

Today I decided to let Alexi have a vacation from his meds. Now I remember why I had decided against this method of medicating in the first place – he drives me crazy (and really, I need all the sanity I can get in my life)!! He’s like a whirling dervish – constantly in motion. He talks nonstop. I don’t think he’s a completed a full sentence all day. He’s dizzying. And the worst of it is, he likes it.

“I love being nonsense.” ~ Alexi

It’s not so bad if we stay at home and I can keep the kids separated. On a good day Alexi can get under his sister’s skin. Today, well he took harassing poor Rian to a while new level. She has been driven over the edge by her brother’s shenanigans today. He’s been in her face, in her space and giggling like a maniac every time  she screams at him. He sounds like the Joker and she sounds like a banshee. It’s great fun.

We were invited to a Superbowl party at my friend Gaby’s house and I thought maybe a change of scenery would do us all good. It did help. They were distracted for a few hours at least. There were between 20 and 25 people at the party. What was interesting was the myriad of mental health diagnoses among the guests – bi-polar, multiple personalities, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, depression, social anxiety – my little family was in good company.

So much foooood!

One guest happened to have a history of psychiatric nursing so the stage was set for an amazing group therapy session. Alas, therapy was not to be had today. Instead we gorged ourselves on the mountains of food that was placed before us. Played board games, chatted and laughed. The kids played catch outside for awhile. We played with the dogs and I cuddled the snake that arrived with one of the other guests. Yup, there was a snake at Gaby & Brian’s Superbowl party – they did say everyone was welcome. It was a fun evening with good friends, good food and good times – oh, and football. There was a football game on too.


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4 Responses to Superbowl of Nuts

  1. Scott says:

    Our Superbowl party was great until Andrew decided to fill up on food that he usually doesn’t get, as the sugar high diminished so did his good behaviour.

    We could have used a psych nurse at our party. LOL

  2. Holly says:

    It’s amazing how a change in diet can affect us. I foolishly allowed Alexi to have a Coke – I didn’t think it was possible but he was more keyed up after that. I hope Andrew didn’t crash too hard today.

    Next year you’ll have to book a psych nurse – we learned all kinds of things.

  3. Actually, sounds like a fabulous therapy session to me! Hee, hee…glad you had a great time! 🙂

  4. Holly says:

    Thanks, Kasey. It was a good time!! I’m still full though. 🙂

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