The Madhouse Gets Crazier

Actual conversation my friend had with her son when she asked him what he wanted to be for Hallowe'en this year..

Have you ever heard police or ER nurses say their get crazier on Hallowe’en? Well, the same is true at the Madhouse. Crazy, crazy and crazier.

My gypsy girl, Rian.

It’s just after suppertime and both kids are waiting for their friends to arrive before running through the neighbourhood, begging our neighbours for candy. Rian has decided to go as a gypsy. Great costume idea and lots of fun to put together. When did she start putting her costume together you ask? About an hour ago. Yup, my daughter puts the “pro” in procrastination. She also puts the “A” in apathy. She put on a funky skirt, a long-sleeved shirt and proclaimed her costume complete. I hung my head in shame. I explained her that gypsy costumes were layered with scarves and wraps and jewelry. She gave me her infamous “So?” look. I spent the next 15 minutes rummaging through dresser drawers and closets until I found several pieces to layer. I think the finished product turned out pretty well.

Alexi decided last week to go out as a teacher. How do you make an 11-year-old boy into a teacher for Hallowe’en? I had no idea, but at least he gave me enough time to come up with something. Fortunately, he was given a  sports coat and white dress shirt from a friend whose son had outgrown them. Our friend also loaned him a Star Trek tie, pre-tied – thank heavens. He put the shirt and sports coat on and proclaimed himself ready. I looked at him and beckoned him to me. I tucked in the shirt and adjusted the tie. I tried to convince him to trade his regular glasses for some funkier, costume ones we had kicking around and was promptly shot down. I gave up. Alexi’s one of those kids where if you push too hard he shuts down and since neither of my kids are particularly fond of the frightening aspect of All Hallow’s Eve (They get that from me. I cannot understand why people like to be scared. Reality’s plenty scarey enough for me, thanks. Taxes, pollution, road rage – who needs flesh-eating zombies?) I left it alone.

Mr. Alexi, Computers 101

It’s 6:30 pm. The kids have left and are roaming the neighbourhood in pursuit of the best Hallowe’en treats. I’ve locked my dog in the bedroom and am enjoying the little ones at the door. “Don’t forget me”, said one little kitty as he pushed past his older siblings.

I’m looking forward to the leftovers. The candy the kids don’t like. That’s my favourite part of Hallowe’en. Candy, candy, candy!!


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5 Responses to The Madhouse Gets Crazier

  1. Jonathan Taylor says:

    In response to the cartoon: if you always feel like an imposter, is going as yourself an appropriate Halloween costume?

    • Holly says:

      That’s an interesting philosophical question. I think it would only be an appropriate costume if you went as your authentic self versus the “mask” self you project to the world. (wow, that sounds pretty good)
      Let me add a twist to it, if you have Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly multiple personality disorder) can you go as one of your alters and still have it count as a Hallowe’en costume???

  2. I love it! I love their costumes, and I hope you did indeed get lost of leftovers. Lil’ Maycee pulled out all of the Snickers for me, yay!

  3. Um, that’s be “lots” of leftovers, not “lost”, although “lost” in leftover may be fun, too. 🙂

    • Holly says:

      That was thoughtful of her! My mom gets the Snickers. I get the Mars Bars, Twix and Coffee Crisp. It rained (at least it was rain and not snow, Trick or Treating in the snow stinks) here on Hallowe’en night so we have lots of leftovers from the candy I bought. That’s why I always buy the candy I’ll eat!! 🙂

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