The week started rough, recall Monday, Monday. The middle wasn’t so hot either. On Wednesday my daughter had a melt-down at school and humiliated me at the check-out at Value Village by arguing about a bag of toys she did not need. She feigned illness to get out of going to school this morning and whined when I took her to school an hour and half late.

But it is finally Friday. Friday holds so much promise for the weekend. I try to be a little more flexible on weekends. I figure we spend our weekdays rushing to school, to appointments and to meetings so the weekend is our time to kick back and chillax.

This weekend we have some people from church coming to do a thorough scrub of the Madhouse. I am so grateful to these kind souls. I know these lovely people will not want to spend their entire Saturday cleaning my house so in preparation for their visit I have asked (demanded) that my children pitch in tonight by tidying up the clutter and putting things away in the proper place.

You would think I asked them to clean up nuclear waste. As far as they’re concerned, I have subjected them to some inhumane form of torture. They have reminded me that there are child labour laws. They would swear on a stack of bibles that I have broken every law governing the care of children and a few that haven’t been passed yet.

Getting them to comply with household chores is torture…for me. Recently I printed off some very nice charts from Chore Charts.com. I dutifully filled them in, making sure to balance the chores as evenly as possible. I created to-do lists for each room of the house (i.e. – Bathroom: Scrub Toilet, Scrub Tub etc.) Our Intensive worker had them laminated for us and brought us some erasable markers. Once the big clean is done on Saturday the children will be expected to fulfill their daily chores or risk losing screens privileges or worse, BFF time (gasp).

After chasing them around the house and having them to return to the same room repeatedly to complete the assigned task to my specification they are finally done. At least for tonight. I plan on waking them early to finish a few more things…not that I’ve told them that.


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2 Responses to T.G.I.F.

  1. “They would swear on a stack of bibles that I have broken every law governing the care of children and a few that haven’t been passed yet.” I love this! I only love it because I can totally relate to the pulling of teeth to get a room cleaned by your child. I think I gave the “mom” talk to Maycee about 3 times today: if we can’t put away the stuff we pull out, then we are not going to be able to pull it out again, EVER. Ha, ha…of course, I left the “ever” part out, but boy was I was certainly thinking it. And, in similar fashion to you, we had minor success by 8:30 tonight. Wow, and now, it’s Sunday…hmmmmmm, only 5 more days to go. 😉

  2. Holly says:

    My mom says I was the same way. Little did I know it would come back to bite me in the bum in the form of my own daughter! She looks like me, talks like me, and acts like me…waaaaay too much like me for my own good 😉

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