Parents for Children’s Mental Health

Ok, so I’ve been a little lackluster in posting *blushing*. My health still isn’t 100%, I have good days and bad days. The most important thing for me to remember is to keep a positive attitude and keep busy doing what I can do.

What I have been doing the past couple of weeks is helping my dear friend, Gaby, of Parents for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH) with a few undertakings. It’s been great! Not only do I get to do something productive that doesn’t wear me out, but I get to visit with a wonderful woman who has been championing for children’s mental health for 14+ years. It’s a real blessing to sit down and talk to someone who really understands the walk we’re on, as parents of children with mental health illness.

“PCMH is a provincial, nonprofit, parent-led organization that provide a voice for families who face the challenges of child and youth mental health issues. PCMH provides support, education, and empowerment by linking networks of families, communities, agencies, and government. PCMH believes in the promotion of family-centered principles of care.”

I pulled that from the PCMH website. I have met some wonderful people who share the same struggles and triumphs that I do while raising children with mental health illnesses. Take some time to check out their site. They have fabulous resources, links to regional resources and information about regional parent support groups. They have a members’ only area that has even more resources and a chance to brag about our kids. Because, let’s face it, our kids are pretty amazing!

PCMH also advocates for change in the mental system. PCMH members have rallied and protested at Queen’s Park. Members have participated in educational conferences, lectures, speaking engagements and documentary films. These people not only support families as they navigate the mental health system but they speak out for our children, giving a voice to those who would not otherwise be heard by the decision makers.

You don’t have to be a parent to belong to PCMH, you can be a friend, family member, community member or professional. Show your support for our children and give your support to PCMH. Membership is free. It only takes a few minutes to join and by backing PCMH you’re supporting a great future for all children, province-wide.


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